Pricing structure and fees
“Interested in becoming a client of OneSeven Realty, Inc and want to know the fees involved?”

Here is information on the different types of fees you could see:

  • Management fee – The management fee is a flat 10% fee based off the actual collect rents. Meaning, the more we collect, the more we earn! It is in everyones best interest to collect as much of the rent as possible. This management fee is to cover the day to day tasks involved in managing your valuable investment. E.g. – Rent is $650 and collected $650 in full = $65 management fee, Rent is $650 and $0 has been collected = $0 fee!
  • Tenant placement fee – Should there come the time that your property goes vacant and you need a new tenant, there would be a tenant placement fee charged equivalent to one months rent. The fee is only charged once a new tenant has been placed, deposit and first months rent are paid in full and takes possession of the unit. E.g. – Rent is $650 = $650 tenant placement fee.
    • Tenant placement guarantee – 6 months for multi unit or 12 months for a single family. No matter the reason the tenant is displaced whether it be eviction or they just up and left, OneSeven Realty, Inc will replace that tenant for you free of charge.
  • Maintenance repairs – Maintenance repair costs are the reality of owning a rental property, but OneSeven Realty, Inc works extra hard to keep these costs to a minimum, and makes a hard attempt to hold the tenants responsible when necessary. OneSeven Realty, Inc has access to great prices with various types of contractors for any maintenance need that may arise.
  • Any and all fee or expense that you are charged will be detailed on your monthly statement.
  • Please click on the forms tab to view samples of a management contract package.